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The Mode Smart Spider is the latest in automated ascending technology; allowing users to easily reach the tip or top of a wind turbine blade through the fast and stable Smart Spider Power Ascender. As the sole UK distributor, we are committed to delivering a product that will fit your needs. Place your order now to receive a FREE spare battery!

£5,994 (£4,995 + £999 VAT) + Shipping
If shipping to Northern Ireland, please contact us before checkout to confirm delivery cost



  • Digital Motor and Rope Access Wheel that supports a diameter of 9.5mm~13mm, allowing for a high, stable torque without the hassle of a lengthy setup period.
  • Remote control access through the usage of the MODE controller app for easy ascent and descent at the touch of a button.
  • Rotating Handle to control the speed of ascent and descent.
  • Manual Release Button allows for controlled descent without requiring power.
  • Battery management system with LED display.
  • Long-life, fast-charging batteries.


For further information, visit our product webpage or contact us at

Mode Smart Spider Power Ascender

VAT Included
  • England, Scotland and Wales: £35

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