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About Safer at Work

Realistic Safety Training for the Wind & Utilities Sectors

At Safer at Work, our goal is clear; we want to make your workforce safer by delivering practical, real-world training in a realistic environment. Our skilled instructors are not only here to cover all of the material necessary but know how to engage your staff to ensure they leave the training feeling confident and assured.

Safer at Work was founded in 2014 to provide high quality, specialist training required for the wind industry. Since then, we have expanded into other high-risk sectors, including utilities and workplace, sharing best practices and procedures.

With in-depth knowledge of all aspects of workplace health and safety training, including the development, design, and delivery of training courses, we go beyond basic compliance. With our training and upskill, all training candidates gain a higher level of competency.

Health and Safety training should be about much more than box-ticking, it should be a way of upskilling individuals and improving a company’s performance. This idea is at the heart of everything we do. We are here to help you through the process, from identifying your needs, training your team, managing records and everything in between.

Benn Faulkner - Managing Director

Benn Faulkner.png

Our Timeline

Work starts on developing Augmented Reality to improve the realism of our training, and enhance the learning experience. 


WindOWTM training record management system is launched


Safer at Work Gateshead is opened, and accredited to start delivering GWO courses


Safer at Work delivers it’s first Blended Learning courses, a combination of self-paced

e-learning and traditional classroom based teaching 


Renewable Turbine Training becomes Safer at Work as we start to expand into other high risk work environments, sharing our knowledge and experience from the Wind Industry



Safer at Work Gateshead opens

and is accredited to deliver

GWO Sea Survival courses


Renewable Turbine Training set up to meet the training needs for the Wind Industry.

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