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Safer at Work's Training Manager Nominated for GWO Award

We are delighted to announce that our Training Manager Matt Thompson has been nominated for the GWO Young Achiever of the Year award!

At Safer at Work, we are committed to making work environments around the UK safer.

Our practical, real-world training courses are geared towards engaging and informing attendees and providing them with the skills and confidence they need to carry out their work safely.

Since joining the team, Matt has been instrumental in pursuing this goal. He adapted quickly during the Covid-19 pandemic and modified our courses to be deliverable online while people were working from home, but also then allowing people to learn online and spend less time away from work.

Beyond the online courses, Matt has been working hard to broaden the scope of the training offered by Safer at Work, whether that be his exploration into new and emerging technologies such as AR and VR, and undertaking the opening of our new facility in Gateshead that includes a “mock wind turbine” that provides a more realistic experience environment for attendees to learn in, allowing them to prepare for applying the skills they learn to real life scenarios.

Not to be deterred by location, Matt has also altered our GWO courses so they can be delivered to those in remote sites via our mobile training facility.

“I'm very pleased to be shortlisted, and proud of what we have achieved within the last year, particularly the opening of our new training facility in Gateshead. I'm looking forward to seeing the industry grow, and to see more people undertake GWO training, hopefully with us!”

“It's exciting to think about how we can improve the training people receive, and the way we as a company are developing our courses within the GWO framework to make them more engaging, realistic, and useful for our participants. Whether that is by developing our practical facilities or trying to make use of new technology such as Augmented Reality.”

If you'd like to find out how we can help you work safer, you can contact us here

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