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Record Breaking Year as GWO Trained Workforce Reaches New High

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Last year, we reported that the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) had broken the milestone of 100,000 trained engineers globally, and in this years’ annual report, the GWO announced another year of growth.

Throughout 2021, the GWO awarded 82 new training providers with certification, raising the number of certified centres to 444, across 48 different countries.

Although it didn’t hit an end of year target of 150,000 by the end of 2021, in a statement, the GWO Chair, Paul Robbins, said “…the GWO trained workforce grew by 22%, to 122,000.”

This number also indicates that the GWO’s aim of creating an injury-free work environment in the wind industry is shared across the globe.

“Rapid growth in training capacity across the Americas and Asia Pacific has seen the global share of training in markets outside Europe increase to 31% of the total,” Robbins said.

Safer at Work and the GWO

Here at Safer at Work, we share the GWO’s passion and drive for creating a safe working environment, particularly in the wind industry.

“With a variety of hazards facing wind engineers in the field, ensuring that the relevant training courses are readily available is key to preventing injury.

We are proud to be a GWO accredited training provider working to make the industry safer through our comprehensive, realistic, and experience-led courses that give anyone who is working in the wind industry the skills to carry out their work safely and efficiently.” – Benn Faulkner, Director.

You can find out more about our GWO accredited training courses by clicking here.

If you have specific needs you’d like to discuss, we also offer bespoke training courses. You can contact us today by emailing or, calling our friendly team on +44 (0)330 660 0959.

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