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Why is Manual Handling Training Important? 

With a lot of training courses available in today’s world, it can often be difficult to tell which are actually offering valuable and tangible skills. While certain courses, such as Working at Height, Fire Awareness and First Aid courses, have clear and immediately identifiable benefits, many businesses often view Manual Handling training as a less important element of workplace safety training.  In this blog, we highlight why it’s so important to get the correct training, and detail how the right training courses can help.

The Issues

If you’ve ever suffered back pain, you will know how important it is to follow the correct procedures for manual handling.

However, according to Unison, each year, 300,000 people in the UK suffer from back pain due to manual handling accidents. These accidents can obviously have a serious impact on the person injured, but the employer can also face implications if the correct training hasn’t been undertaken.

Manual Handling training is important for all workplaces, but it can be particularly pertinent for certain industries. According to G+ statistics, Manual Handling incidents account for the biggest cause of lost workdays in the wind industry.

How can training help?

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) updated its Manual Handling course in early 2022 to address some of these concerning statistics. 

The nature of working in a wind turbine environment; confined spaces and working in small teams with a high degree of autonomy, means that individuals need to be aware of the manual handling risks. 

Despite rigorous risk assessments, wind turbine engineers still need to be trained to spot the risks before they occur.

At Safer at Work, our GWO Manual Handling course is specifically tailored to the work carried out in a wind turbine setting. Delivered by experienced trainers who have real-world experience, our courses take place in a realistic environment to help train attendees to work safely and efficiently.  You can view our Manual Handling course, here.

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