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Training Technology

We use the latest digital training technology and techniques to enhance our learners' experience when studying with Safer at Work.

Our students benefit from the following when studying with us:

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Remote and Distance Learning

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Training Videos

Online Training


WAH Working Systems

Remote and Distance Learning

The theoretical elements of Safer at Work courses have now moved online as e-Learning modules. This allows you to study flexibly, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home or the office. Support and assistance will be available from the instructor delivering this course.

You will still be required to visit Safer at Work’s training venue to complete the practical elements of the course in order to receive your certificate.


Augmented and Virtual Reality

Learn and practice important emergency first aid procedures such as CPR in a realistic and immersive virtual environment with an interactive mannequin.

VR First Aid training
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Online Training Videos

Sometimes it's necessary to revisit previous lessons to close gaps in our knowledge and ensure we remain confident in our learning. 

As a Safer at Work student, you will benefit from online access to training videos so you can recap at any time, from anywhere.

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