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Green Skills Bootcamps - Gateshead College and North East LEP partnership

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (North East LEP) and Gateshead College to provide Skills Bootcamps which are part of the Government's Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life. Skills Bootcamps can offer that all-important first step on the ladder in the wind industry.

Offering Green Skills Bootcamps under the government's Skills for Life programme allows those aged 19 or older to receive Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training alongside mentorship and introductions to potential employers. Skills Bootcamps are free to individuals, however, if you're an employer referring your existing employees you will co-fund the training dependant on the size of your business (30% for large businesses, 10% for SMEs). Once the Skills Bootcamps are completed, participants will receive their offshore and onshore GWO certificates and a guaranteed interview with a leading renewable energy company.

The scheme addresses two major barriers to entry-level jobs in the sector - funding for training and introductions to employers. Despite a huge skills demand in the wind industry, many people are put off from training as they don’t have the funds available or the connections within the industry to get started.

Throughout Autumn 2023, individuals will study eight modules that cover basic safety training - Working at Height, Wind Turbine Blade Inspection and Repairs, and Familiarisation with Wind Farms. At the end of the course, participants will be qualified Blade Repair and Inspection Technicians able to work onshore or offshore.

Benn Faulkner, Director of Renewable Field Services stated “Our partnership with Gateshead College and North East LEP as part of the Green Skills Bootcamps programme is a desperately needed, critical step to growing the renewable workforce and industry. Growth that is needed across the UK and worldwide."

The wind industry is growing exponentially and requires further employees to meet the government's net-zero goals, so the introduction of the Green Skills, Skills for Life programme will help to meet the labour demand. Moreover, employers looking to refer their existing employees also have access to this training by co-funding the training for their employees (30% for large businesses, 10% for SMEs). Whether individuals are currently employed, looking for a career change or are new to the industry, these Skills Bootcamps will provide exciting opportunities for the local workforce.

Michelle Rainbow, Director of Skills at the North East LEP, said: “We’re looking forward to building on the success of the previous wave of Green Skills Bootcamps which saw nearly 800 people aged 19 and over benefit from upskilling and reskilling training."

She added: “We know there are opportunities for people in our region to gain employment in ‘green’ roles and we’re thrilled to have Renewable Field Services join our skills bootcamp consortium to deliver training in the Wind Power sector, across the North East LEP area.”

If you are an individual aged 19 or over as of the 31st of August 2023, eligible to work in the UK and are looking to partake in this training, contact us now at or visit our webpage for further information.

Additionally, employers looking to refer their existing employees can contact us with the same details as individuals; with their company name and the number of existing employees being referred within the enquiry.

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