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Falls from height still biggest cause of death on construction sites

Data published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has shown that although the number of deaths occurring on construction sites has remained relatively stable, the number of them caused by a fall from height has increased.

Between April and December last year, a total of 24 construction workers died on site, 10 of those being due to falls from height.

These statistics only include deaths in which the HSE was the governing body, and so does not give an indication of all deaths, but falls from height, being struck by a moving vehicle, and being struck by a moving, flying or falling object have been the cause of more than half of all workplace fatalities each since 2001/2002.

It’s not just the construction industry that continues to have issues around injury and fatalities due to falls from height.

The HSE released statistics from the food and drink manufacture sector in April this year, which revealed that falls from height are the third highest cause of fatal injury in the industry, with a further 80 major injuries, such as broken limbs or fractured skulls, caused by falling from height each year.

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