Based in Fareham, Hampshire, Insensys are global leaders in fibre optic strain measurement.

Their systems have been optimising offshore wind turbine performance for 15 years, as well as being deployed in the marine industry and other diverse markets. 

Insensys contacted us after having previously attended some GWO training we carried out at our Winchester facility.



Insensys had been contracted to develop a fibre optic sensor to be used inside wind turbine blades for a client in China.

The challenge Insensys faced was that, due to COVID restrictions, they were not able to travel to China to demonstrate how to install and use the sensor to the client.

They decided that the best solution would be to film an instructional video to accompany the written installation instructions, but they didn’t have the equipment, facilities or training expertise to effectively relay instructions.


We were able to offer Insensys a complete solution. 

Due to our experience developing and delivering remote training courses, we had the necessary video recording and editing equipment.

Alongside that equipment, our facility had a wind turbine blade which we could use to film the sensor being installed, allowing the client in China to see a real-life application. 

We met with Insensys and worked on the production of the video, discussing the imagery, content and voice-over/subtitles. 

Once they were happy with the content, we recorded the video and audio content and then edited it into a series of instructional videos.


Insensys were very happy with the final product.


It was an effective training tool that not only solved their problem of how to instruct the client to use the sensor, but also saved them time and money as they didn’t have to travel to China.  

We are currently discussing producing further instructional videos for other projects Insensys are working on.