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Consultancy Services

With over 100+ cumulative years of experience, our highly-skilled team provide health and safety consultancy services to businesses to enhance their H&S protocols and programmes. 

Our consultancy services cover include:

Training and equipment GAP Analysis icon

Training & Equipment GAP Analysis

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Training Programme Analysis

GWO teaching

Training & Equipment GAP Analysis

One of our experienced staff will visit your premises to observe what work is carried out, and what procedures and training you already have in place in order to produce a bespoke plan for your company

GAP Analysis

Risk Assessment

We have experience writing risk assessments for a wide range of work activities. From delivering training courses, through to using ladders and stepladders, and even working inside a wind turbine blade 100 metres above the ground! We can even assist you with fire risk assessments

Gateshead training turbine
Risk Assessment
Safer at Work teaching

Training Programme Analysis

Based on these assessments, we can then provide the training your workforce requires. We are also able to provide a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment and can help identify suitable equipment for certain tasks

Training Analysis
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