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Blade Repair Skills

Designed for Blade Repair Technicians

Safer at Work has designed and developed our own blade inspection and repair skills courses that are run in addition to GWO Blade Repair, suitable for blade technicians looking to:

  • Upskill to more complicated blade repairs

  • Increase the portfolio of their work

  • Refresh their blade repair knowledge

  • Prevent skills fade

If you are looking to start your training as a wind turbine technician, please visit GWO Blade Repair

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Courses Taking Place in Gateshead Include

blade inspection.png

Blade Inspection

sanding, filling.png

Sand, Filling & Painting

basic repairs.png

Basic Laminate Repairs

SAW Icon_core repairs.png

Core Repair

trailing edge repair.png

Trailing Edge Repair

leading edge repair.png

Leading Edge Repair