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BladeBug Ltd based in London, are developing an inspection and repair robot with multiple legs that climbs up a wind turbine in order to carry out tasks that would normally be done by drone, rope or ground based inspection.


BladeBug is able to get closer to the blade therefore able to capture clearer, more accurate data and is cheaper than rope access. 

BladeBug wind turbine


We first met Blade Bug at an industry event. They were looking for field testing and deployment trials to turn BladeBug into a commercial product.

They needed:


  • A testing site

  • Safety Training to allow field testing

  • A bespoke training program

  • Industry advice

  • Equipment needs support 


Over the course of several weeks, we got to know BladeBug and understand their requirements. We were in a unique position as a training provider as we were able to offer them more than just standard training courses.


Through our strong links with the wind industry via our sister company, Renewable Field Services, we were able to offer BladeBug a complete solution - advice, training, testing site support and equipment.

First of all BladeBug came to Winchester to carry out initial testing of their robot concept on our wind turbine blade.  The next step was to deliver GWO Working at Height training to the team so that they were safe to carry out field trials.


They worked with our rope access technicians  at Renewable Field Services on site in deployment trials, before moving on to the next phase of robotic development which required a greater understanding of blade repair.


We developed a bespoke blade repair course that introduced their development team to the processes, equipment and materials involved in blade repair and they worked alongside our own blade repair technicians so that they had the chance to learn current best practices.

Finally, we advised and supplied the correct working at height rope access rigging equipment for the robot and correctly stocked First Aid kits for the team.


The client has been able to successfully carry out their field testing and BladeBug is in the next stage of development.


We enjoy an ongoing relationship with BladeBug and will continue to support them in their training, development and equipment needs.

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