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Bespoke Safety Courses

Off-the-shelf training courses can be great, they allow you to quickly train your staff in the health and safety they need. However, are your employees really benefiting from it? The biggest problem that we at Safer at Work encounter with training is staff not engaging with the course, primarily due to feeling the content is not relevant to them or their job roles.


Additionally, ask yourself, is a course that is not specifically tailored to my workplace, staff, equipment, and processes really assisting in making my workplace as safe as possible? The answer may very well be no, in which case you might want to have a bespoke course that covers everything you need it to.

With our broad range of health and safety knowledge across different sectors, we can design and deliver courses that are bespoke to your requirements. 


Whether you are in the wind industry or other sectors, we have extensive experience in designing and delivering courses that meet the requirements of your organisation.

Some examples of how we can help with your bespoke training needs: 

Training Videos
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E-Learning / Digital

In-House Training



Sector-Tailored Training



Use of State-of-the-Art Facilities

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Safer at Work training turbine

Bespoke Training Clients

Do You Require Bespoke Training?

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To find out more about how we can work together, get in touch with Matt, our training manager, to have a chat or arrange a tour of our facilities.


T: 0330 660 0959

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